Meme: Passion Quilt

(This was also posted at Maryland’s 23 Things Network)

Tag! I’m it!

Today, The Travelin’ Librarian tagged me to participate in a Meme. Ashamed to say that was a word I hadn’t heard of and of course had no idea what it meant….but thanks to Wikipedia I understand now. Since the original origin of this Meme was about teaching kids something we are passionate about I chose Open Source.

I’ll be tagging some of my twitter friends. šŸ˜‰

Let me know if you’d like to participate in including your passion for the next generation.

3 Simple Meme Rules:

* Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about…and give your picture a short title.
* Title your blog post “Meme: Passion Quilt” and link back to this blog entry.
* Include links to 5 folks in your professional learning network or whom you follow on Twitter/Pownce.

Tag You Are It:


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