Web Come a Long Way, Baby!

I guess helping out a bit with our new web site and watching John Sanders’ Web Trends report on WBAL TV this morning put me in a nostalgic mood. He talked about The Wayback Machine where you can access web 85 billion pages from the past. They archive web pages from 1996 to 2007.

So I decided to take walk down memory lane with our library’s web site. First archived page I came upon was Dec 17, 2001.

Howard County Library\'s web site 2001

I had almost forgotten what it had looked like and how ugly it was. *shudder* Knowing what I know now about html, php, css and more this just makes me twitch to look at it. Mind you I am no expert in any those but even a novice such as myself can see what we did wrong (by today’s standards) with this site.

Then I skipped ahead to 2004 when we first rolled out our current web site.

Howard County Library\'s web site 2004

A bit of progress but still by today’s standards it lacks. Of course this was before Web 2.0 among other things (e.g. viewing web sites on mobile devices).

Here’s the most current snap shot of our web site (better than it was but still lacking)

Howard County Library\'s web site 2007

But I predict the future will be cleaner, prettier and easier to navigate. We will solicit input from our customers, we will include such Web 2.0 features as podcasting, blogs, and eventually tagging and customer comments allowed in our up and coming catalog (which will seamlessly blend with out new web site).

Howard County Library\'s web site 2008

Keep in mind we aren’t live yet and a screen shot doesn’t do a live web site justice….but this is leaps and bounds ahead of our past.

But as in all things in life we must learn from our past and apply it to our future. I know we will continue to grow and learn but I think our new web site (thanks to our talented web programmer) is fresh, new and clean. Can’t wait for it to be finished and to go live!


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