What if…

What if?

A new wiki was born out of a presentation given at PLA by Rivkah Sass, Deirdre Routt, Brian Auger, Amy de Groff, Stacey Aldrich. What If Libraries… stems from the presentation Dangerous Ideas What If Libraries… and ask some rather thought provoking and (probably for some) scary questions.

My hats off to those 4 that got us thinking and questioning the status quo. I love it when people question the norm, think for themselves and don’t just “cut the end of the roast off because Grandmother always did it that way”.

Some of my favorite posts have been:

  • What if we required library staff to have technology expertise?
  • What if we dumped the MLS?
  • What if we stopped making excuses and accepted responsibility? (one of my posts)
  • What if we accepted open source software…

So What If… you shared some of your what if’s with me?


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