Rockin’ robin’ tweet tweetly-tweet

Heavens, Twitter (which I just discovered was written using Ruby on Rails how cool is that) is all the buzz these days. Not only has it made the news (BBC) but there are add-ons for Firefox, clients so you can Twitter without bringing up a browser, and tweet from your Facebook page. I had no idea when I signed onto Twitter a year ago (after hearing everyone at CIL go on about it) that it was such a phenomenon.

Some interesting ways Twitter can and is being used:

Businesses can use Twitter tools to help them.

For customer service support

Marketing related uses for Twitter

Way to report the news (forget email Breaking News updates)

Water your plants via Twitter

Share your photos

Share your blog posts

Get a weather forcast

Keep track of your diet

Reminder to step back and reflect

Remember the milk (manage your tasks)

See where all the tweets come from (maps)

Propose to someone

I even use it as a safety feature. When I’m out walking the dogs in remote areas, I make sure I Twitter what I’m doing and where from my Facebook app on my Blackberry. Who knew that Twitter was this and much, much more…


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