Only 21??!!

HMRPF! I’m more than a little irked by NetworkWorld’s list of Top 50 Tech Visionaries. Linus Torvalds creator of Linux, the open source operating system that totally rocks, came in as number 21 out of 50. As a champion of open source I felt he should be higher on the list. *sigh* Maybe next year.

Side notes:

I was happy to see some women named on this list, although the first one – Grace Murray Hopper (among many things coined the term “bug”) – doesn’t appear until number 26. Others mentioned are Meg Whitman (eBay), Ann Winblad (key in Web 1.0), Arianna Huffington (politico who they feel proved the power of the blog), and Susan Kare (Mac 1.0 innovator).

Why Herbie Hancock? Yeah, “Rockit” was huge in the 80’s but I don’t see him as really being a tech visionary.


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