Black Tie vs. Causal Friday

Thanks to The Travelin’ Librarian I’m going to institute a new Friday ritual. Rants! Heaven knows I have enough of them and after reading his well justified one, I thought I’d pull this draft out, dust it off and publish it.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. When did capitalization and punctuation go out the window? Mind you I’m the first to admit I’m a horrible speller (not great at punctuation either) and they created spell check just for me. But that doesn’t excuse not using capitalization. It really rubs me the wrong way to have colleagues send emails with nothing capitalized. What set me off tonight was searching for contacts in LinkedIn to find several people had not capitalized their own names in their profiles (and one was an Assit. Branch Librarian).

I know that the web is more casual than an English term paper. So is it just laziness or is it the word equivalent of casual Fridays taken to the extreme? I still use capitals and punctuation in my emails, blog and any web writing (e.g. comments) but not in IM or Twitter. I can for some reason let it slide in those two arenas since time is of the essence (especially if you are corresponding with a fast typist).

So am I being hypocritical? If I don’t capitalize in IM/Twitter who am I to throw stones?

/here endth the rant


One Response to Black Tie vs. Causal Friday

  1. Alan says:

    For me it depends on the reason for the email and the recipient. Any business related email gets full punctuation and caps. Many short emails to friends go however I feel like typing them. I never puncuate or use caps on IM, but I do on twitter for some reason.

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