You can lead a horse to water but

… you can’t make it drink goes the rest of the line. By the end of next week I’m hoping that a lot more horses where I work will be drinking.

We have the distinct pleasure of Solveig Haugland‘s presence for what we are calling OpenOffice Week at Howard County Library. I think Solveig’s one-line bio says it all “ and StarOffice instructor with a passion for showing how the software makes things easier.” If that weren’t enough her sense of humor will put them at ease and the fact that she, like myself, highly believes in the powers of CHOCOLATE!

She will spend the whole week with us addressing training in Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw. Staff have been using OpenOffice for some time but old habits die hard or the training they did receive didn’t address their needs. I’m sure that Solveig will answer all their questions with style and grace (if she is anything like her phone calls/emails in person – we’ll be set!). I have faith in her that by the end of the week we’ll have many more OpenOffice converts drinking the water.

The best day will be Friday as we are hoping to get some of our open source vendors (Liblime, Groovix) together in one room for lunch with Solveig. Will be great to have so many like minded folk all in the same room.


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