Learning by Osmosis

I have quite enjoyed being the one to “tag along” with Solveig “OpenOffice Goddess Guru” Haugland this week.  Making sure she has what she needs, getting the photocopies done, setting up the PCs, etc. sounds like a lakey’s job but it has afforded me the opportunity to sit in on all of her trainings.

The thing that has been hard is while I’m playing Solveig’s handmaiden I have had 2 phones forwarded to my cell phone, been on IM, and keeping an eye on things back in the office.  This means that I often miss out on the great tips or tricks she is showing our staff.  I hope that at some point when I’m back in the office I’ll be able to go through her workbooks and gleam more.

However, I found out that I am absorbing more than I thought (even though my phone has rung constantly or the IM has been flashing at me) as I was able to help a co-worker with Calc issue.  Solveig was helping another co-worker so it fell to me to help.  *GULP*  Calc has to be the one product I use the least but I figured I could at least give it a go.  Proud to say that I was able to help her format the cells so that the line was the exact width and darkness she wanted.  Something I would never have been able to do prior to Solveig’s training.

So learning by osmosis may not be my favorite method but I am thrilled that some of Solveig’s great training has actually sunk in!


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