Run out of town on a rail?

Folks who know me know I love my Twitter. Interesting that it has been having such problems (especially after I have pushed a lot of people towards it or at least tried to push them).

When I read that Twitter was written using Ruby on Rails I was excited. I first started using Twitter a year ago it seemed to work fine (although I didn’t heavily use it like I do now). So has Twitter gotten too big for it’s britches? Has the community jumped on board before Twitter was fully ready to handle the fanaticism it has garnered? Seems to be from this posting that it maybe more do to with the architect than the language used to program it.

Since beloved Twitter has been so flaky lately, I wondered what else was out there. Oddly enough, one of my Tweets sent out an invite to Kwippy. Joined to see what it’s like. Then there is of course Pownce (LAMP) you can find me there as mlibrarianus, Jaiku (Twitsted – python based), as well as others. Pownce seems to offer the most ways to link up to your other accounts (you can import contacts from Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. as well as add links to your Pandora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning, and Technorati profiles (just to name a few). Jaiku has the prestige of becoming part of Google. Kwippy is just a fledgling site but it allows you more than 140 characters which is nice sometimes.

What’s a social networking girl to do? Can I really keep up with 4 or more micro-blogging sites? Is it proper netiquette to post differently to each site or can I just copy/paste? What to do, what to do. For now I think I’ll try Kwippy, still keep up with Twitter and see about Pownce. The others will just have to wait their turn.


One Response to Run out of town on a rail?

  1. Hi mlibrarianus,

    Am happy to know that you’d be giving “kwippy” a good try 🙂

    Do let us know if you have any suggestions/feedback for us.


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