Best Laid Plans of Mouse and Woman

So I’m on “staycation” and I swore I wasn’t going to get on the computer (well maybe not too often). I was pretty good about it last night but I’m failing miserable this morning. And it’s all baldgeekinmd‘s fault. He posted a link to All My Faves which just looking at blew my mind. But then this morning I decided to really look at it. I could explore this site all day long – there goes my vow to not get on the computer much.

Some of the cools sites I found while exploring:

  • TwittEarth – who knew there was yet another Twitter app out there but this one is cool. 3D globe and when someone tweets it shows up on the globe.
  • – Ever wonder how fast you type? I’ve seen other typing test sites but this one was really nice. Seems I average around 60 wpm with a few errors. I think I actually type faster just my keyboard on this laptop is a bit strange. Will retake on my desktop.
  • TypeRacer – Another cool see how fast you type site but this time you can actually race against other people. Did much faster there as you were typing text from books vs. typing text that sometimes had real words and sometimes not like with
  • Open Source Food – Caught my attention for obvious reasons. Haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but they look very appetizing (no pun intended).
  • MixWit – Oooh, another FineTune, Last FM site where I can make mix tapes. Nice drop and drag feature for making your tapes.

Oh my, I really could be here all day. Must ration my time spent on All My Faves or else my staycation will go by and I’ll wonder where it went.


2 Responses to Best Laid Plans of Mouse and Woman

  1. Solveig says:

    That typing site drives me crazy! I type MUCH faster when it’s just thoughts in my own head, plus typing words that aren’t actually words? I’ve got to think that typing normal words on a typing test has got to be legitimate. (grumble, grumble! ;> )

  2. The (almost) Bald Trainer says:

    Sure, blame me for “forcing” you to look at all of those sites.

    Next, you will blame me for you having a computer.

    Then you will blame me for you having internet access.

    Enjoy your vacation. See you round the training lab.

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