Walking the Walk

I’m still on “staycation” but I was beginning to tire of the weeds, dead limbs, and pruning of pine trees so I decided to see if my old desktop still worked.  A few weeks back during one of those sudden but strong thunderstorms we had my desktop had been on the floor near an open window.  I was sure it had gone the way of the do-do but thankfully it had not.

I spent most of last night removing my son’s games (since he now has his own “gaming pc” I can finally reclaim my desktop for me!).  Then I downloaded Firefox 3 (yeah, I know a day too late – I had ever intention of being part of the big download day but alas the great outdoors called me).  I then got to thinking now would be the perfect time to really not just talk the talk but walk the walk and install Ubuntu on my pc at home.  I think what did it was I found myself double clicking in the Navigation/location/URL bar to copy a URL (in Ubuntu you double click where as Windows you just click once).  I kept screwing things up because I was on a Windows machine – when Linux habits start to take over it is time to go whole hog.

I have to admit I gave one of our Linux guru’s (Mike Ricksecker – one of the founding fathers of LuMix) a call just to make sure what I needed to do prior to installing Ubuntu.  Having never really installed one operating system on top of another (or installing any operating system anywhere) I was a little hesitant.  What about the drivers for the video card, the printer, etc….what if they didn’t work – could I go back to Windows?  Did I even have the old XP recovery disc?

Luckily I had been sent a full suite of cd’s by the Public Software Foundation.  One of them happened to be Ubuntu (there was also Fedora but since I’m familiar with Ubuntu because of work I stuck with what I know for now).  So I popped in the cd and away I went.  It couldn’t have been easier.  I chose to do a full install instead of boot from the live cd.  Went off without a hitch and I’m posting from an Ubuntu machine using Firefox 3.

I will admit the only thing I am going to miss about my Windows machine is my iTunes.  I know there are many other software programs out there that can give me access to my music – just need to find something that will convert the fancy iTunes file extension to something I can play on Linux.  Other than that the transition was smooth sailing.


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