Mass Production


Well it is Friday and I’ve been bad about keeping up with my promise to post some rants. However, today’s is a long standing one.

*sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I love email. I do. However, I do not like, understand, abide, or forgive easily those who can not use it properly. What I mean is joy of joys – the wonderful “mass email”. You know the email that has gone out to 5,673 people where the darn header is longer than the body of the email itself. Oh the excuses I hear – “well I wanted everyone to know ____” or “Oh, I know but I didn’t have time to do it that way…this was quicker.” And 9 times out of 10 it is an Urban Legend or some other piece of junk I don’t need but that is a rant for another Friday.

It is not quicker to enter addresses in the To: line than it is to enter them in the BCC: line. Thank you, now all 5,673 of your friends and family (of which I may only know a handful) have my email address. Not only that but some of the people have their email client setup to harvest email address (so now I’m in their addressbook even though they don’t know me). On top of that I’d say about 99% of these people don’t know the first thing about computers, viruses or how to properly email. Therefore they are sure to get a virus/trojan horse on their machine which will immediately go to their addressbook and start sending out emails from anyone of a number of folks in the addressbook. Great I’m now a spammer because you don’t know how to properly send out an email to more than 5 people. Or worse they will forward this mass email to everyone in their addressbook failing to remove the header information (containing all 5,673 including MINE).

I StumbleUpon this Bcc Please and the next time I get one of those mass emails I’m going to click on REPLY ALL and send them this link. Yeah, I know reply all isn’t proper either but I’m hoping that maybe more than just the sender will be educated. More than likely this will piss a few people off but I’m past the point of caring.

Here endth the </rant>


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