Things that Make You Go Hmm…

Wondering if the rise in gas prices that seems to trickle down to everything from shoes to groceries will cause a dent in attendance at conferences.

With ALA’s annual conference set to begin today I’ll be interested in hearing if their attendance is up or down from the past conferences. (Although many of the folks I follow on Twitter are going so maybe it isn’t a factor just yet?) I know that at Computers in Libraries this year they claimed their highest ever number of attendees. But that was before gas prices started to creep up, up, up.

Will libraries be forced to just send staff to local conferences or will they limit the number going to conferences further away or just stop going altogether?


3 Responses to Things that Make You Go Hmm…

  1. Josh Maxwell says:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. mlibrarianus says:


    The template is Digg 3 Column – link at the bottom of each page for the site WP Designer. I moved things around a little bit but not much else. Mostly out of the box – no tweaking of CSS as of yet.


  3. waltcrawford says:

    ALA attendance was down substantially (25% or more) from last year–but last year was also a record. Personally, I believe travel costs are part of the reason. We’ll see next year, I suspect: Chicago is normally very popular. If it draws 20K to 23K rather than 25K or more, that will be a strong indicator.

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