Elephants Never Forget

My Firefox was having major issues today, I figured now was a good a time as any to update it to version 3 (yeah, probably one of the only folks that didn’t help set the world record – I was on staycation and forgot). Since the old version was having such problems we just cut the old firefox files out and put them in another place for safe keeping. Then started fresh with Version 3.

I go about adding back add-ons, importing bookmarks and such when I came upon Evernote Clipper. Actually, Brian Auger (Deputy Executive Director at HCL) had mentioned to my boss and she mentioned it to me. I had forgotten about it until today.

Seems like a neat application (client or web) that lets you keep track of things (full pages or just pictures and URLs) so you can go back later.

Nice thing is you can sync with the web app and see your notes you clipped from work, home or anywhere. I’m thinking this would have come in REAL handy a few days ago when my husband and I were furiously researching and trying to decide on a new dishwasher. Now, I’ll be sure to use it for the fridge (next appliance to be researched).


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