Ning vs.

This article in one of my many RSS feeds caught my eye this morning.  Open Source obviously being the buzz word that hooked me in.  While reading the article I see that closest competitor is Ning.

Now, I have a Ning network.  But I’m wondering if wouldn’t be a better choice.  It is an age old question – do I jump on board with something new that maybe not everyone is aware of or do I stick with ol’ faithful?  Reminds me of my quandry over Twitter vs. Kwippy.  Twitter, god love it, has been letting me down lately.  I know they are working on it but seems like forever.  Kwippy is up, running smoothly and great but hardly anyone I know is on there.  I’m not giving up on Kwippy just yet but it is very much like starting 10th grade in a new high school where you don’t know anyone.

Who said you ever leave high school?


2 Responses to Ning vs.

  1. smartsites says:

    I think is a nice service but if you are looking for something link Ning I would look at Wetpaint or WebJam. These services are much more like ning in my opinion.

  2. Vanouz says:

    @smartsites huh! we’ll I’ve tried all of the services that this article and you mention. Wetpaint and WebJam are definitely far more different than Ning. Only GROU.PS offers a comparable service.

    And in my opinion, GROU.PS is better in terms of usability and external integrations; whereas Ning has better look’n feel administration panel.

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