What’s in Your Book?

Catching up on my RSS feeds this morning, I came across this on the LISNews site. Ah, I remember my days in Circulation and being totally flabbergasted at what people would leave in a book (either as a bookmark or just left inside the front jacket). My favorite had to be $3K worth of bonds. I have never figured out the though process behind using something valuable as a bookmark. Guess we need to be thankful that they weren’t dog-earing the pages.

Equally interesting was the lost and found boxes. The stuff people left behind (not in books) was quite telling. Dentures, baby stroller, articles of clothing, you name it. I often wondered just what was going on to make a person leave behind something (other than the occasional pen, notebook type of thing). I mean don’t you know your full set of dentures are missing when you walk out of the building? Don’t you know that you walked in with a stroller so you need to walk out with one? What is even more interesting is most of these items were never claimed. We would hold onto them for months and months trying our best to contact folks if some sort of identification was on the item. One thing to misplace a bracelet and not know where you left it but your dentures?

Ah, one of the joys of working with the public – you get their junk treasures.

Edited 2:51 pm – Our Glenwood branch just put up an announcement on our Intranet that a red stroller was found in case the owner was looking for it.  What are the odds?


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