No More Facebook

*sigh* Guess I’ll have to stop using Facebook now. Microsoft to power Facebook search ads. Yahoo, Facebook, what next, the world?! I wasn’t so anti-Microsoft as I was open to open source. The more M$ tries to gobble up everything around it the more anti-M$ I’m becoming. *sigh*


2 Responses to No More Facebook

  1. remaindered says:

    The funny thing is, MSFT is on the defensive these days. They’re doing these deals to keep Google from taking over. And with Vista doing what it’s doing — or not doing, as the case may be — I think they’re suddenly finding themselves more vulnerable than they once thought.

  2. mlibrarianus says:

    Agreed. Some have accused Google of being the next Microsoft but not totally convinced of that yet. If M$ would truly embrace open source they might win some people back over but alas that will only happen in my dreams.

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