Fa fa fa fa fashion

Fashion – Turn to the left
Fashion – Turn to the right
We are the goon squad
And we’re coming to town
Beep-beep – Beep-beep
“Fashion” by David Bowie

That’s right folks, it’s not Friday but I’m gonna rant anyway. Thanks to a thread started over on FriendFeed by Stephen Francoeur I have fodder for my rant.


Project Runway season 5. The first challenge (construct an outfit from unconventional materials bought from a grocery store) I pretty much agreed with who was “out”.

What a difference a week can make. Episode 2 the designers were to make a cocktail dress for their models out of green (eco-friendly) fabrics. Twist was the models did the shopping for the fabric so the designers were stuck with whatever they brought back. The prize was their design was to be sold on bluefly.com. There were some really cute and well executed (to borrow from Nina Garcia) designs. And then there were some that just missed the mark although the judges didn’t seem to agree with me on that.

Winner (which if you saw coming down the runway was so ill fitting on the model I thought for sure the designer was going to be out):

It doesn’t look so bad here but on the runway it was a mess.

Then this week’s challenge – to be inspired by New York City’s nightlife.  What a completely insane decision as to the loser by the judges. They kept Jennifer’s creation (using that term lightly) which was the worst of the bunch and let Kenley win. Kenley’s outfit looked like something out of the 80’s (but not in a good way) which one of the judges mentioned. *shudder*  But to allow Jennifer to stay over Emily (hers wasn’t great but it was better than Jennifer’s) just didn’t make any sense.

Love Project Runway just wonder what the judges are looking for sometimes. If Jennifer sticks around I’ll be really surprised or stunned. If I had to guess who might make it to the final 3 at this moment – Kelli, Kenley, and Suede thrown in for good measure.



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