Psst! Your politics is showing

For those that know me politics is usually not a topic I tend to avoid at all costs because I find it tends to flare even the calmest of tempers.

Driving on the Baltimore beltway (695) this morning I was passed by a white commercial van (forget which business but not a national chain more a local one) that was displaying an Obama ’08 sticker in it’s back window.  It struck me as odd.  Another example.   There is a business in my town (right on main street) that has a very large sign that up until the last year or so has had funny sayings.  Recently it has turned into a platform for them to freely express their First Amendment right but in a rather snarky-opposite of what I believe – strictly my view of things – kind of way.

Although our country believes in the separation of church and state there is nothing about separating politics and business.   I wonder, does displaying a strong allegiance to one side or another harm your business?  For me I know I don’t like what the sign says on the business on Main Street.  It does give me pause and makes me think do I really want to do business with someone who feels that way.  But if they were the only guy in town for what I needed — would I really not patronize them?  Jury is still out on that one.


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