Worth a Thousand Words

So they say is the definition of a picture. Recently on FriendFeed, Tad started another meme. This time it wasn’t about what you’d like the future generations to know or how you got started in libraryland but something equally interesting – Take a picture right now. No, you can’t fix your hair or freshen your makeup or straighten your bow tie. Just do it (as Nike says).

It was interesting to see the pictures of friends I either knew virtually or in reality. Some were real surprises – like almostbaldgeekinmd, I’ve only seen him in casual wear so it was great to see him in a tie and jacket. At least 6 librarians had some collection of books in the background of their photos, go figure! My favorite backgrounds were the ones taken at work. Fun to zoom in and see what toys, tshatshks and papers could give me some insight into these folks I call friends.

Only problem is there doesn’t seem to be one location where all the photos can be seen together. Perhaps I can convince folks to leave links to their photos in the comments section here.

I’ll start:

Instructions: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair – just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with the picture.


3 Responses to Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Ah, but there is grasshopper


    see a whole pile of them tagged right now.

  2. Julie says:

    i spy dual monitors.
    when they’re gone on friday, you’ll know i did it. 😉

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