Should Software Do YOUR Job?

I’ve been culling through the suggestions from our staff as to features/functions they would like to see be available (or added to) our new open source ILS, Koha.  I believe a lot of their suggestions stems from the frustration of using Horizon and how clunky it was to move around.  Also I’ve noticed that several folks get nostalgic for our old system, Dynix.

I understand that software should make your job easier not harder.  I understand that we’ve encouraged staff to contribute to building a system instead of just accepting a product given to us.  However, many of the suggestions, to me, boil down to training issues not software failure.  No product is going to be perfect.  Each one is different and it doesn’t help to compare apples with kumquats.  Is it really the role of software to do EVERYTHING for you and to anticipate what EVERY staff member needs and then provide it?

So when do you the consumer, the user take responsibility (and train your staff properly) and when is it a flaw in the software?


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