Where Are YOU on the Ladder of Web 2.0?

A post by (almost)baldgeekinmd on FriendFeed about a site he bookmarked using Delicious gave me a great idea about how to market the “What is Web 2.0?” classes I’m presenting. So where are you on the ladder of participation?

I’m betting that the classes will be full of mostly spectators and a few joiners with a sprinkling of collectors. I figure those that are critics and creators already get it so they won’t be taking the class. I hoping that I can gear the class towards anyone (except the inactives doubt they’d come in the first place). Nice thing about that ladder is there is something Web 2.0 for everyone no matter what level you are on. Now the trick is to appeal to those spectators and get them to move up the ladder at least just one level.


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