I’ve Failed as an Educator

As a trainer and someone who believes in spreading information not disinformation, I still struggle to educate friends, family and co-workers. Educate, how? Educating them in regards to urban legends, BCCing, so called “friend” survey, etc.

Why do people immediately believe anything that appears in their Inbox as 100% gospel truth and take offense when I try pointing them down the path of truth and light? How do you convince someone that addressing an email to everyone in your address book who don’t know each other is not the best practice? Why do people who call you friend insist on “bullying you” into filling out a survey by saying you are the person to least fill it out? Most importantly am I the only person who seems to be bothered by any of this?

I’ve tried over the years each time someone forwards me an urban legend to counter it with the truth usually sending them a URL from Snopes. I will continue but it is definitely discouraging when people continue to fail to learn to question those emails that seem just a little too good to be true.

Email isn’t a new form of communicating by any means, yet I still know people who don’t understand that it is considered poor form to send email to multiple recipients that don’t know each other or have each other’s email addresses. I will continue to try to educate them about viruses and how they go directly to the address book, take an address and then proceed to send the virus email out in the name of that person (who didn’t send it in reality).

Friendship surveys or whatever you want to call them are far from that. You know the ones that ask you questions that although maybe slightly humorous don’t really reveal anything about your friend. They almost always end in a passive/aggressive way “____ is least likely to respond”. *sigh* I’ve tried ignoring them but someone people seem to get offended if I don’t respond.

I feel like a failure. So how do I educate these people? I guess the old saying “you only control 2 things in life – you and your actions” still holds true. I can only do my part and if they believe it, learn from it or not is totally up to them. I just hope they all understand that my attempt at trying to educate them comes from wanting the best for them.


One Response to I’ve Failed as an Educator

  1. Lori Reed says:

    I reply all with a link to snopes and out them to all their “friends.”

    Works like a charm. They never email me again 🙂 Maybe just a little passive aggressive!

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