World AIDS Day 2008

Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

Bloggers Unite is encouraging all bloggers to participate one way or another in World AIDS Day 2008.   Take a picture of yourself with a red ribbon and be creative was their suggestion.  Since I didn’t have a red ribbon handy and since I work in a library, what better thing to use then the red tape we put on books to mark holidays?  Made myself a quick red ribbon and went off to find a library background.   worldaidsday1

I’ve been lucky enough that this horrible disease has not really touched my life directly. But that doesn’t mean it won’t some time in my lifetime.  That also doesn’t mean we dont’ still need to be aware of how to prevent it as well as how to treat it.  If you are a blogger I hope you join me in spreading the word about World AIDS Day in some small way.  Here is to the day we don’t have to wear ribbons anymore (no matter what the color).



One Response to World AIDS Day 2008

  1. Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence! Life is Excellent!

    We have been Provided with amongst “The Very Finest Of Things That Life Has To Offer”.

    We have to Appreciate with Gratitude, the Precious Moments that Life Bestows us With, Each Day, Moment by Moment.

    By Appreciating Life, We are Achieving Excellence; We are truly Reciprocating the Excellent Virtues that we have been Endowed with, and Utilizing these for The Universal Constructive Progress and Meaningful Benefit of our Wonderful Universe and its Wonderful People.

    Make each moment “Count”, each moment “Matter”! Count & Matter, like nothing else!

    Calibrate The Precious Moments, they truly “Count”, they truly “Matter”, each Moment encapsulates and reflects “Treasures Beyond Compare” !

    Pursue your objectives with a steadfast belief and confidence “at each and every instance”, whether in “Thought” or “Action”!

    Always endeavor to make a “Difference”, carve a “Niche”, the “Difference”; the “Niche” that incredibly matters!

    Best Wishes,
    Vashi Ram Chandi

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