Facebook Users Beware

Interestingly enough a friend of mine who is new to Facebook got hit by this virus. It then sent an email to my husband but not me (thankfully). Unfortunately, hubby not only opened the email he clicked on the link 3 times before realizing that something wasn’t just right (virus says you need to update Flash to view video). Then to my horror I find that not only is he not using a firewall on his Windows machine he doesn’t have any anti-virus software. So at 11 pm last night I was downloading Bit Defender and running it (it caught 5 infected files but luckily they were low risk and were disposed of properly).

Thankfully even if I had gotten the email and if I had clicked on the link and if I had downloaded it I would have still been okay. Beauty of using Ubuntu (on desktop as well as laptop) – .exe files don’t work there.

So if you use Facebook keep an eye out for an email that looks legit but actually contains a virus. If you have already opened it – here is how to remove the infection. Or better yet – switch to Linux. 😉



2 Responses to Facebook Users Beware

  1. ubuntucat says:

    Switching to Linux is only a short-term solution.

    If you’re not generally wary of potential social engineering attacks, you could be just as vulnerable in Linux should such a threat to Linux be created.

    In other words, if someone created a Facebook “virus” that told you you needed to update Flash to view the video, and they gave you a malicious .deb in Ubuntu and you weren’t savvy on avoiding social engineering-based malware attacks, you would double-click the .deb, enter your password, and have your entire installation compromised, just as you would in Windows.

  2. mlibrarianus says:

    True. Just being a little tongue in cheek on the use Linux part.

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