Through the Looking Glass

According to the Mind Tools site, it is easy to lose perspective when you are under stress.   And most of us feel some sort of stress this time of year.  Holidays, end of year business issues, family, etc. just seems to get more intensified in the month of December.   So my gift to those who are feeling a bit stressed right now (be it gift buying induced or work related) is to try to help you gain a little perspective.

  • Stop for a moment.  Just one moment.  The world will keep spinning but your head may stop spinning if you just stop for one brief moment.
  • Breathe.  Taking a deep breath is not only good for you physically (most of us don’t really breathe correctly) but it is just another way to help you slow it down long enough to gain a little perspective.

Now that you’ve had just a few moments without the crisis commanding your every thought…..

  • Try looking at it from another point of view.   Will the world end?  Are there options that might solve the problem at least for the time being?  (example: Is it such a huge problem if you don’t get Aunt Suzy her favorite book because you got to the bookstore 2 seconds after they closed?   Options would be to buy online or purchase gift card to her favorite bookstore at another store (grocery stores, Walmart, Target often offer other stores gift cards.)
  • Problems often seem overwhelming until you break them into smaller parts.   (example:  Can’t edit document correctly, formatting seems to be off.  Is it the whole document or just one paragraph?  Work on the document a paragraph at a time trying to resolve the formatting issue.  Sometimes fixing it in one place fixes the whole thing but only because you slowed down and took it apart.)
  • Rank it.  Is this problem up there with global economic failure, cancer, AIDS, war, famine, poverty?  If not, then perhaps you can see that things aren’t as bad off as maybe you first thought.

May everyone take a little time to put things into perspective not just during the month of December but every month.  I’m going to take my own advice now and have a breathing session……..Ahhhhhhhhhh!



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