One is the ONLY Number

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about customer service over the years.  What to do and what not to do.  Whenever I am in a store I expect the same level of service that I would give if the shoe was on the proverbial other foot.  Sometimes I get it but more often I do not.  I like to recognize when customer service is up to my standards (and I have here on this blog).  The one thing that I don’t agree with when it comes to customer service is the division between staff and customer needs.  Seems to me that if you provide staff with the tools and training they need to provide customer service the customer benefits.  Some seem to focus only on the “customer” and forget that staff can’t provide the type of service a customer might expect if they aren’t up to date with the tools or training they use.   I’m not saying forsake the customer’s needs for staff but just keep in mind that there is really only one customer.


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