No Time Left For You

If that is how you are feeling these days – post holiday let down, work pressures, pre-tax season concerns, kids back in school (or you yourself) you might just find this web site helpful when it comes to getting in some time for reading. as they say on their site “lets you read entire books in short, customized installments sent to you by email or RSS.”

WBAL-TV’s John Sanders reported about this site this morning on his Web Trends report.   This seemed like the perfect solution for (and others I imagine).  Believe it or not I think I read less these days than before I worked in the library.  So many people think that all people do here is read all day.  As if!!  I can certainly find time to read one more email especially if it has an excerpt from a book I’ve been wanting to do more with than just pick up, check out and allow to accumulate dust.

Books that are in public domain cost nothing and most (but not all) copyrighted books require a payment after some free sample installments.  It looks to be  Web 2.0 and includes way to create a profile (with avatar),  receiving your book samples via email or RSS, forums, and even a way to share your booklist with others.

Looking forward to giving this site a try.


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