Social Networks and Libraries Save the Day

If you don’t want to freeze or if you don’t have a ticket to today’s historic event you certainly have many other avenues to watch the inauguration. You could be home watching on your TV set or from your computer but if you are like many of us today we are stuck at work.  Thank goodness for 2 lifesavers today – social networking and libraries. has partnered with Facebook today giving Facebook users 4 live streams to watch as they read comments posted by their friends or the world.  p1010011

Luckily we have a great Internet connection so I had up in one of my tabs while working.  But if I couldn’t get a live stream going my other option was my library.  Howard County Library is providing live coverage (either large TVs in meeting room or live streaming on huge monitors).  Being a part of the community it is important for libraries to participate in such a historic event and ours was not the only one.  Saw many Facebook status updates saying libraries across America were doing the same thing.  p1010001 Customers in our meeting room watching CNN live via cable being projected on screen.  Interesting note that several folks had their cameras with them and were taking pictures of projected coverage on the screen.

No matter what your political stance this is an historic event for many, many reasons.  It was great to be a part of it via 2 of my favorite places – the Library and the social network Facebook.


One Response to Social Networks and Libraries Save the Day

  1. Me too, me too! Amazing online experience.

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