Busy As A Bee

One of those phrases that usually just sets me off is “I’m too busy”.  To me it implies, especially when the person saying it to me wants help, that they are busy but I am not.  I don’t know a department of my library that isn’t busy.   In reality it isn’t that we are “too” busy but that we choose to do some things and not others.  I’ve been trying to own this (practice what I preach) so when I realize I haven’t gotten back to someone in a timely manner I no longer say that I’m too busy – I say “I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to that, let me get on it right away.”

Lately, this could apply to my blog.  I have been busy but then that is no different than any other day.  Personal things have popped up but then again they can do that at any time.  So it must be that I’ve chosen not to blog but do other things.  Sometimes that is necessary yet I feel a responsibility for keeping this up.  For not doing that I do apologize.  I wasn’t too busy I just didn’t choose to put my blog on my list of priorities for a few weeks.

Interestingly enough, this ties in with Bobbi Newman’s blog post today (maybe that’s what sparked my guilt) – You’ve Got 30 Minutes, how do you use them? My vote went for Friendfeed because I can get access to many different sites all at once depending on what my friends are feeding in.  To me Friendfeed is the new RSS feed.   I’d rather spend my time looking through Friendfeed and clicking on the links because I can’t possible know everything out there.  My friends expose me to different sites, news, information and that makes me more well rounded than if I just chose which sites I wish to add to my Google Reader.  Thanks for the post and the poll, Bobbi.  You gave me something to blog about today 😉


One Response to Busy As A Bee

  1. Bobbi Newman says:

    I started a response when it got to two paragraphs I decided I should just write a blog post. Basically I agree with you, look for a link back (that will make a complete circle!) later this week or next.

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