Facebook = Weight Loss?

What better way to not only keep track of your eating or exercising habits but to have your friends support you than to do it on Facebook?  Social networks can do many, many things and I love to see people use them in different ways.

Inspired by Nina who posted a note on her Facebook profile.  Nina like myself (and other women our age) are finding it hard to keep the middle age bulge at bay.  Although Nina doesn’t have as much to worry about as I do.  She decided after Valentine’s Day to take the bull by the horns (typical Nina style) and do something about it.  Not only did she dust off her exercise equipment she posted about it on her Facebook profile.  She is keeping an exercise journal.

So I took a page from Nina’s book and started a health journal.  In it I will track my successes and tribulations about trying to get back into a healthy lifestyle.  I tagged Nina in my journal (hope she’ll do the same for me) and invited others to join us.  I see this almost like an work weight watchers kind of group.  If all the Facebook users at work can help motivate and support each other we can’t help but succeed.

The timing is perfect as Howard County Library will be participating yet again – http://www.getactivehowardcounty.org/.   Nina and I just got a little bit of a head start on the rest of the county.

So whether you work/live in Howard County, a friend of mine on Facebook , or someone reading this blog I am challenging all of you to:

  • Help support or motivate Me, Nina or anyone else who is focusing on a lifestyle change
  • Join us.  The more the merrier and it helps to have someone experience the journey with you.
  • Get active.  Get healthy.  Get Fit.

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