Best of a Bad Situation

Here is another case of how good customer service can make the best of a bad situation.  Hubby booked a rental car with Enterprise over the phone a few days ago.  My assumption (yes, we all know what happens when you assume) was if you book a car the car should be there when you go to pick it up.  Silly me!

After a long flight and getting through the new Terminal 5 of Heathrow it was a bit of a walk to the bus that drove us to the Enterprise car park.  They were busy – 4 people in line ahead of us.   Once we get to the counter we find that they don’t have a car that we had booked and received confirmation of said booking.  I have to admit the gentleman helping my husband was trying his best but come on, how can one of the largest car rental companies not have a car ready for us (not to mention not a single car in the parking lot in the middle of February no less).

They decided to have an employee drive us to Slough where they had another office and plenty of cars.  So a nice blond young man named Adam had the pleasure.  Our ride was nothing less than a box van!  Too boot Adam didn’t really know where Slough was but he had a Garmin GPS on board.  Oh no, this doesn’t bode well.

We tried following the road signs, then we tried following the Garmin but all we got was a rather “scenic” tour of the area around Heathrow (not the nicest part of London).  But Adam’s sense of humor, inquisitive nature and calm demeanor defused a potentially awful situation.   On top of that he really felt we had been given the run around and did everything to get us a nice car.

Once we got to Slough they wanted to give us a Vauxhall Corsca that looked like it had been four-wheeling.  Adam agreed that after an hour and a half of adventure we deserved at least a clean car.  My biggest concern was the dirt could have hidden dents which if we didn’t point them out we could have been charged for them.  He got us a nice, new, clean Nissan Note.

He was charming, concerned, funny, and genuinely customer service driven.  He wanted us to have the best and even though it started out poorly it ended on a positive note (no pun intended).  Adam you could certainly teach a few people about how to make the best out of a bad situation.  Keep up the great work and thank you.


One Response to Best of a Bad Situation

  1. heikoworld says:

    I found myself in that situation with the same company, sadly without an Adam.
    I think in this day and age we have to trust less to British companies who care so little for their customers but to remember its just your cash they are interested in, customer service in most cases is non exsistant, alsas its only the Adams that keep thing going.


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