Sold My Soul to Web 2.0 (or I tried)


I was beginning to wonder if Web 2.0 is just a library thing.  Many of my colleagues across the country have embraced the read/write web but I’ve found that few of my friends or old classmates have.

My series of Web 2.0 classes that I and my fellow co-workers presented at the library were well received.  So I offered myself and another co-worker to be part of the silent auction at our big fund raising event, Evening in the Stacks: Along the Silk Road.  But  I was seriously disappointed to find out that no one from the business community bid on our offer of to come to their business and suggest which Web 2.0 features they could use to promote their business.

Why aren’t people getting it?  I think part of the problem is people are using the read/write web they just don’t know it.  They don’t know that Twitter, Facebook, a blog, uploading to Flickr or Youtube is Web 2.0.  They just use those sites.  They might want to learn more about the features these sites have but they are already using the sites.

Then I open my Google Reader and see feeds like this Yes, We Plan: How Altruism and Advertising Could Change the World or Companies turn to web 2.0 to recruit for trials.   I know I’m finding more and more sites that have Twitter, Facebook or other Web 2.0 badges on them saying “follow me”.   So someone is obviously getting it.   So I guess I just need to figure out how to sell myself better next year so the bids come flying in.  Sorry that I couldn’t help to raise any money for my library – I really thought the idea had merit and wings.


3 Responses to Sold My Soul to Web 2.0 (or I tried)

  1. Rachel Rappaport says:

    Part of me thinks that the phrase “Web 2.0” has turned into over-used jargon that people see fit to ignore. Twitter, Facebook, blogs – they’re constantly on the news… but not as “Web 2.0” technologies, just as cool stuff on the intarwebs. So I agree – they’re definitely using it, but they’re talking about it differently. Plus, some people just really don’t get it… Twitter has perplexed many, I assure you.

  2. katcurling says:

    I actually just posted a blog about web 2.0 for one of my classes. I’m new to the Web 2.0 concept, but came to find as I was researching the topic that I am a key element in the web 2.0 idea already. It’s funny how you can be such a vital part of something and now even realize that it exists!

  3. mlibrarianus says:

    Rachel and Kat – I’m finding that people are using sites that are considered social networking or web 2.0 but have never really heard the phrases “Read/Write Web”, “User Generated Content” or “Web 2.0”. To them it is just another web site. They don’t understand that this wasn’t possible a few short years ago. They just use it and become part of the greater good. With that being said there are still a lot out there that don’t understand how to use specific sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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