Bag Ladies or My Earth Day at Admin

103_0754Yesterday was my first time to be the IT guru on-call at our Administrative offices.  First I set myself up in what is affectionately known as the “typewriter room” (given that name because there is still a typewriter in there that no one can remember when it was last used).  I had my little netbook laptop, my cell phone, Diet Coke and water to keep me happy.   Off I went to make sure that everyone in the office knew I was there to handle any of their computer/IT needs that might arise that day.

I had Tweeted earlier that morning (which feeds into my Facebook status) that I was challenging my colleagues at Admin to come for a walk with me and we’d pick up trash as our contribution to Earth Day.  A couple of ladies took me up on the challenge.  However, it didn’t look like Mother Nature was going to cooperate with us.  It drizzled or even pour a few times most of the morning.

After spending the morning updating the director’s pc with the latest version of Adobe Reader so she could open the budget PDFs, helping a co-worker understand the template and process we use to blog on Highly Recommended, answering helpdesk tickets about email aliases, talking with a staff member about how we could make her section of the Staff Intranet more up-to-date and a few other issues it was 1 o’clock before I knew it.  So off I went to try the salad bar at Harris Teeter (which was recommended by our Public Relations staff as almost a “baby Wegman’s”).

As I was leaving the building the sun decided to grace us with it’s prescence.  Ah, maybe we will get our help Earth day walk in this afternoon.  But first I needed to go over uploading photos to our library’s Flickr account and trying to edit one photo from Battle of the Books that had the highlights blown out.  Wasn’t the photographer’s fault as he was working with a basic point and shoot camera.  He needed a DSLR with a flash attachment so he could bounce the flash or other possibilities – the kids in the picture were all wearing tinsel like wigs and the flash just went crazy.  I wound up having to call my photography mentor and she was able to edit it a little bit.

103_0757So the two ladies who took my Twitter/Facebook challenge joined me for a walk armed with grocery and trash bags.  One of us picked up soley the recyclable bottles/cans and the other two went for the trash.  What really made me feel good was our influence on the kids that had just gotten out of the Cradlerock School next door to the library.  We were walking past them and I heard several say things like “oh because it’s Earth Day” as an explanation as to why 3 grown adults were picking up trash.  We even had 2 kids stop us and give us some that we had missed.  I hope next time they see a piece of trash they will pick it up whether or not it is Earth Day.

Mother Nature felt we had walked long enough so we got a little wet as we scurried back to East Columbia Branch.  All in all I think it was good to get the exercise, connect with co-workers and help the Earth a little.  My challenge is to keep some extra grocery bags in my car so next time I’m out I will pick up some trash.  This isn’t something to just do on Earth Day but everyday.  As others have said – every day is Earth Day.


2 Responses to Bag Ladies or My Earth Day at Admin

  1. oto kiralama says:

    Really great work. We thank you very much

  2. ccjames says:

    It’s nice to see someone in the world contributing! Really cool of you guys!

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