Half Empty or Half Full?

9/11 Reflections
Image by Sister72 via Flickr

Don’t call me Pollyanna, I”m not that upbeat all the time but I am probably in the minority today.   All over the social web (and the non-social web) are remembrances of the horrific events that happened on September 11, 2001.   Before I go any further I must express my condolences to all the families and friends that lost someone on that day.  I can’t begin to imagine how much your life has been changed and how you are still dealing with that.

I mean no disrespect to anyone.  I know everyone has to mourn, remember, and move on in their own way.   I seriously doubt that that day will  ever be erased from my mind but I don’t need to be repeatedly bombarded with  images/words/sounds of what happened that day (or what you were doing).  Instead I prefer to focus on the good that I have now.  I’d rather like to see the glass as half full.  This isn’t to say that in any way what happened was a good thing but let’s celebrate the good not harp on the bad.

Let’s celebrate all the people who helped other people they didn’t know on that day.  Let’s celebrate that even though it was an awful loss of life it could have been a lot worst.  Let’s celebrate that even though we can’t always agree as a nation on politics or religion we all became a little bit closer to each other.  The solidarity I saw and felt after 9/11 was something I hadn’t witnessed before in this country.    Let’s give thanks that these attacks did not break us individually or as a nation.

So how should we really remember today?  By celebrating.  By doing a random act of kindness.  By doing something kind to one of your fellow countrymen.  Let us make good be what we take away from this day not the bad.  Maybe this should be a real day of thanks and not that day in November when we stuff our faces with turkey.

What I’m grateful for today:

My health/My life

  • without this we have nothing

My family

  • Hubby is gainfully employed after being laid off and puts up with all my silly ups and downs (love ya)
  • Son is well adjusted 18 yo (well as well as any 18 yo can be) and attending college – love you too
  • Parents – gratefully after a bit of a medical scare this summer Mom is currently doing well as is my Dad

My job

  • I have one and it is something I love doing
  • My boss who has been extremely supportive of ideas I’ve had
  • My co-workers who teach me something new every day and make my work family a lot of fun

My friends

  • work friends certainly make 37.5 hours a week a lot of fun
  • life friends whom without I’d not have much of a life
  • library friends around the world – I learn so much from you, thank you

My home

  • I have one and even though it does have issue when it rains a lot it is still my haven

My country

  • although we are far from perfect, I appreciate the freedoms and rights that are afforded me – I don’t look at them as

And there is so much more to be grateful for.  My wish is that everyone today can find at least one thing they can be grateful for.  What’s yours?

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