Computers in Libraries Book Club

I’m sure other years when I’ve attended Computers in Libraries conference there was talk of books or books inspired presentations.  How could it not being a library conference?  But for some reason this year I came away with a list of new (well new to me) titles to read.  Some were recommended to me by talking to colleagues (at lunch or right before a session) and some were recommended during presentations.   So I thought I’d pass them along.

Boy have I got a lot of books to read!


4 Responses to Computers in Libraries Book Club

  1. Please add to the list Learning in 3D by Karl M. Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll from my session on Face-to-Face? Avatars for Learning.

  2. mlibrarianus says:

    Thanks, Angie. One more for my reading list!

  3. Now, please don’t exaggerate! Gleick’s book wasn’t that interesting. It actually took me four sittings to read it, not three 😉

  4. edruda says:

    Great post! Thank you for this list.

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