Just When You Thought It Was Safe To CtrlC

Oh those busy little bees have been at it again.  Gotta give ’em points this time for being cleaver.   I’ve often wondered what drives these folks.   I can understand the challenge of trying to hack into something that seems secure to prove that it isn’t.  But why take it to the next step and attache something malicious to it?  Are they trying to prove a point?  If so, what?!  Oh well, as with anything on the web – think twice before you click!


Give Peace a Chance

A phrase was used the other day at a meeting that just didn’t sit right with me.  “Not to start the open source wars again….

This bothered me because I don’t see any reason or need for there to be a war, battle, skirmish, contention whatever.  Why can’t we all just get along and accept that different open source products work for different people?  So you prefer Ubuntu or Suse or Koha or Evergreen or Joomla or Drupal…I’m just happy that you are thinking about, exploring, using an open source product.  Do I care if your library prefers one of these over another?  No, and nor should you.

One of the beauties of open source is the community.  But it doesn’t help if the different factions of this community are more concerned with their product being number 1 or the best that they can’t learn from each others product of choice.  What does Product X do better than Product Y – take that idea and incorporate it into Product Y to make it better for you then share it with the rest of the community.  What works for me may not work for you and your library – that needs to be acknowledged and accepted.  Difference of opinion is beautiful when done correctly.  When you share with me your ideas (not cram down my throat or proselytize) and let me decide what works for me then true collaboration can take place.

Call me a bleeding heart liberal, call me a flower child but all I’m saying is give peace (and open source a try).

Girl Power

This won’t come as a big surprise to many female librarians I know (and probably an equal amount of male librarians as well) … the Power of Female Blogging.

This statement from the article struck me –

“Today, women are not only the most powerful consumers in the world, we’re also the power users of Web 2.0 and social media technologies,” said Lisa Stone, BlogHer co-founder.

If I looked around my office, my library branch, my system I would agree.  But then my field (IT) is more male than female (although in our office we have 50/50).  The guys in the office haven’t heard of Twitter, don’t blog and only buy computer components.  My main profession (library) that I work for, however, is predominately female (but you boys are coming on strong).  More of us gals have Facebook pages, Twitter, FriendFeed, blog and/or wiki not to mention some serious online shopping.  Population statistics say that females out number men so is Lisa’s statement really all that earth shattering?  Would by sheer numbers females be more powerful consumers and users of the web?

Interesting to know if other professions find that the women in their work place are the power bloggers, power consumers and are leading with the social media.

Fa fa fa fa fashion

Fashion – Turn to the left
Fashion – Turn to the right
We are the goon squad
And we’re coming to town
Beep-beep – Beep-beep
“Fashion” by David Bowie

That’s right folks, it’s not Friday but I’m gonna rant anyway. Thanks to a thread started over on FriendFeed by Stephen Francoeur I have fodder for my rant.


Project Runway season 5. The first challenge (construct an outfit from unconventional materials bought from a grocery store) I pretty much agreed with who was “out”.

What a difference a week can make. Episode 2 the designers were to make a cocktail dress for their models out of green (eco-friendly) fabrics. Twist was the models did the shopping for the fabric so the designers were stuck with whatever they brought back. The prize was their design was to be sold on bluefly.com. There were some really cute and well executed (to borrow from Nina Garcia) designs. And then there were some that just missed the mark although the judges didn’t seem to agree with me on that.

Winner (which if you saw coming down the runway was so ill fitting on the model I thought for sure the designer was going to be out):

It doesn’t look so bad here but on the runway it was a mess.

Then this week’s challenge – to be inspired by New York City’s nightlife.  What a completely insane decision as to the loser by the judges. They kept Jennifer’s creation (using that term lightly) which was the worst of the bunch and let Kenley win. Kenley’s outfit looked like something out of the 80’s (but not in a good way) which one of the judges mentioned. *shudder*  But to allow Jennifer to stay over Emily (hers wasn’t great but it was better than Jennifer’s) just didn’t make any sense.

Love Project Runway just wonder what the judges are looking for sometimes. If Jennifer sticks around I’ll be really surprised or stunned. If I had to guess who might make it to the final 3 at this moment – Kelli, Kenley, and Suede thrown in for good measure.