Computer Competencies

During a T is for Training podcast, I mentioned that Howard County Library had come up with core computer competencies.  I promised folks that I would post them.

Lew Belfont, Head of Customer Service, was inspired by the competencies created by Public Libary of Charlotte-Mecklenberg County.  He along with members of IT, assistant branch managers and other staff created a document that will be used to help supervisors ensure that staff has the proper training to do the best job possible.

Keep in mind that these can be tweaked to your library’s specific ILS or operating system, etc.

A. Howard County Library Computer Overview
1.) Understands the basic structure, organization, and function of Library Technology Service.
2.) Demonstrates understanding of Howard County Library’s rules of conduct regarding e mail and computer use.
3.) Demonstrates thorough understanding of Howard County Library’s Internet use policy.
4.) Can search the staff Intranet for work related information.
5.) Demonstrates understanding of procedures for troubleshooting, fixing, and reporting computer problems.

B. Basic Branch/Department Computer Knowledge
1.) Knows branch/department logins and passwords.
2.) Knows location of spare computer equipment (e.g. extra keyboards, mice, printer cartridges) and how to request more when supplies are low.
3.) Follows procedures and techniques for troubleshooting staff and public PCs.
4.) Follows procedures for informing branch BTC, branch staff,and public of non-functioning computers.
5.) Follows procedures to complete “Help desk Ticket” to report problem equipment to LTS.

C. Basic Computer Hardware Knowledge
1.) Knows how to turn a computer on and off properly.
2.) Knows how to reboot a computer.
3.) Knows how to replace a mouse and keyboard.
4.) Can identify the following hardware components:

CPU ( central processing unit)
Monitor (CRT or flat screen)
USB ports
Floppy drive
CD ROM drive
Power cord
Monitor cable

5.) Knows how to clean external PC surfaces including PC case, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
6.) Knows how to use a mouse, keyboard, and function keys.
7.) Knows the functions of the left and right mouse buttons.
8.) Knows how and when to double-click versus single click the mouse.

D. Printer Knowledge
1.) Can set up a printer on a PC.
2.) Can identify local versus networked printers.
3.) Can identify location of printers for a given PC.
4.) Can use PAC Monitor (PACMON) to identify non functioning computers and printers.
5.) Can replace print cartridges for printers.
6.) Can print to a non-default printer.
7.) Can cancel a print job (if user permissions allow).
8.) Can clear the print queue (if user permissions allow).
9.) Can change the default printer (if user permissions allow).
10.) can report printer problems to CTI and Kyocera.

E. Operating System Knowledge
1.) Can identify a computer’s operating system and version.
2.) Demonstrates knowledge of the features of the Groovix operating system on PACs:

Open Office applications
Real Player media player
Firefox and other web browsers
Smart drive
Large text keyboards upon request.
GAIM user ID ( for instant messaging)

3.) Demonstrates knowledge of Ubuntu

F. Basic Computer Troubleshooting
1.) Knows how to contact LTS Help Desk for emergency ( e mail and phone).
2.) Knows what information to give Help Desk when reporting a problem.
3.) Knows how to open “Help Request” link on staff Intranet
4.) Knows how to complete a help desk ticket.
5.) Knows how to identify the status of pending and assigned help desk tickets.
6.) Can capture and attach to help desk ticket a copy of screen shot to the Help Desk.
7.) Can troubleshoot and fix the following problems:

Damaged, malfunctioning or dirty mouse and keyboard ( replace)
Inoperable printer ( report to print support)
Hung print job ( cancel using PACMON)
Paper jam
No image (check power source, replace monitor and send broken one to LTS)
Non functioning PC ( Use PACMON to check online/offline status, check power supply, on/off switch. Contact LT
Web application (try different Browser)
USB drive (contact LTS)

G. Firefox/Opera
1.) Can scroll up and down and side to side on a Web page.
2.) Can use navigation buttons in browser (e.g. back, forward, refresh, stop).
3.) Can search for text on a Web page.
4.) Can navigate through the HCL home page.
5.) Can type in a URL and go to a specific Web site.
6.) Can perform a basic Internet search.
7.) Understands what a pop-up window is, how to close out of, and the tools in place to prevent pop-ups.

H. DeskNow (collaborative email/file sharing software)
1.) Can log into Desk Now.
2.) Can view and sort e mail messages.
3.) Can reply, forward,and delete messages.
4.) Can view sent message folder.
5.) Can attach a file to an e mail message.
6.) Can empty deleted items folder.
7.) Can create, edit or delete appointments in calendar.
8.) Can create, edit or delete tasks in calendar.
9.) Can check calendar for meetings and to determine the whereabouts of colleagues.

I. Instant Messaging
1.) Demonstrate familiarity with instant messaging (IM) software:

know how to launch IM application
know how to read an IM message
know how to respond to a message
know how to send a new message

2.) Can use IM to notify colleague and/or IT of technology or other immediate concerns

check IM on a timely (hourly) basis
turn IM on at ALL customer service desks upon opening and leave it on while the Branch is open
Staff are aware of appropriate behaviors and tone in IM usage
use Howard County Library standards of conduct when communicating via IM

J. Horizon (ILS)

Borrower Records
1.) Demonstrates knowledge of all borrower types.
2.) Can create, update, and delete a borrower record.
3.) Can create an A+ Educator and other special cards.
4.) Can view and print what a borrower currently has checked out.
5.) Can add, view, and delete blocks on a borrower’s record.
6.) Can check for current blocks.
7.) Can override blocks.
8.) Can add a staff note.
9.) Can add a message to borrower.
10.) Can add a no card block.
11.) Can view a borrower’s history.
12.) Can view and print an item record.
13.) Can renew only select items for a borrower and/or all items out for a borrower.
14.) Knows how and when to waive fines for a borrower.

Check In
1.) Can check in items on the current date.
2.) Can check in items on the book drop date.
3.) Can check in delivery items.
4.) Can check in items on a specified date.
5.) Can check in items in in-house use mode.
6.) Can check in damaged items and identify borrower responsible for damage.
7.) Can print a check in receipt for a borrower.
8.) Can renew items at check in.

Check Out
1.) Can find a borrower record from library card, driver’s license, phone number, borrower name, etc.
2.) Can navigate the borrower blocks screen.
3.) Can check out items to a borrower.
4.) Can renew items for a borrower using check out.
5.) Can print a check out receipt for borrower.
6.) Can print a receipt for borrower listing all items out.
7.) Can replace a damaged or missing library card barcode.
8.) Can accept and apply payment of borrower fines.
9.) Can print a receipt for payment of borrower fines.
10.) Can modify due dates.
11.) Can search for (title, word) and reserve materials

Traditional Catalog (Horizon Information Portal or HIP)
1.) Can perform a general keyword search or a specific search for Title, Author, Subject, Call Number, or ISBN.
2.) Can find the location and call number of an item, and interpret its status.
3.) Knows how to display the full bibliographic record.
4.) Understands the difference in results between a contains search and a begins with search.
5.) Can perform a search just for children’s materials.
6.) Knows where to link to an online bookstore.
7.) Can access Summary,Table of Contents, Reviews, etc. for a title
8.) Knows how to Email a title, Print a title, and Request a title.
9.) Knows how to use the features of My List.
10.) Knows how to access the features of My Account.
11.) Knows how to access Marina from HIP.
12.) Knows how to change language of HIP to Spanish or French.
13.) Knows how to link to AB from HIP.

K. AquaBrowser (AB)
1.) Can perform a general keyword search.
2.) Can sort search results by year, title, or author.
3.) Can explain why a record in the results list matched the search by interpreting terms listed under Found.
4.) Can locate the call number in a brief record.
5.) Knows how to narrow search results by a specific location, source, format, target audience, author, subject, area.
6.) Can access the full record.
7.) Can access and explain availability of an item.
8.) Can Request a title; Email a title; Add a title to My List.
9.) Can access an online bookstore using the Buy It! Tab.
10.) Can access Summary, Table of Contents, Reviews, etc. for a title.
11.) Knows how to search the library’s electronic resources via “Didn’t find what you’re looking for?”
12.) Knows how to display the advanced search box and can perform a search using it.
13.) Can explain the meaning of the word colors in the Discover cloud.
14.) Knows how to access My Account from AB.
15.) Is familiar with the content behind the e-Resources tab.
16.) Knows how to access Marina from AB.
17.) Knows how to access Fiction Connection and Non-fiction Connection from AB.
18.) Knows how to access Recommended lists (Best Sellers, Recently Purchased, Award Winners) from AB.
19.) Is familiar with the content behind the Health Information tab.
20.) Knows how to access the FAQ.
21.) Knows how to display the Spanish version of AquaBrowser.
22.) RSS feeds

Knows how to subscribe to a pre-defined feed.
Knows the time period that RSS feeds use to retrieve matching titles.
Knows how to view a feed in at least one feed reader.
Knows where to locate the AB searching tips.

23.) Knows how to link to the Traditional Catalog from AB.
24.) Knows where to locate information and documents about AB on the Staff Intranet.

L. PC Reliance Check Out
1.) Can set the appropriate due date for an item.
2.) Can check out items to a borrower.
3.) Can print a check out receipt for a borrower.
4.) Can clear PC Reliance workstations of pre-existing data file after successful upload notice and exceptions report are received from Help Desk/IT.

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