No Woman is an Island

Forgive me John Donne (1572-1631) for taking poetic license.

I’ve been training staff members over the last 3-4 years (maybe more my memory ain’t what it used to be). It was something I stumbled into and found that I not only enjoyed but actually good at (or at least according to comments and evaluations). With each class that I taught, I’ve gained some insight. I love the give and take of training, the flow of not only energy but information. I believe that training should be a two-way street. It isn’t all about ME passing on information. I can learn a lot as well. I can learn what does or doesn’t work for a particular curriculum or for a particular learning style. I can sometimes learn a new way or shortcut of doing something even thought I thought I knew them all. To me it’s important to keep on learning as I help others to learn.

Recently I gave my first training for the public. What a great unknown that was for me. How computer savvy would they be? How do you create a training not knowing the skill level of your auidence? It was a good thing because I had gotten comfortable with training the staff and sometimes comfort can equate to being stale. The last thing I want to be is stale.

Most importantly this series of Web 2.0 classes wasn’t all about me. I wasn’t alone. No woman is an island or at least this woman wasn’t. So far the series has been pretty much a big success. I’ve been encouraged to offer this to staff and again to the public since we had such good turn out. But I could not have done this alone. So taking a nod from the Oscars….

I’d like to thank the academy:

  • Luis Salazar for diligently working to get me a viewsonic that gave a clear picture and worked with our Ubuntu laptop (at one point we had tried Ubuntu, Windows and Mac before we realized it was the viewsonic not the laptop)
  • Donna Metcalf for her support (attending a class) and helping Luis w/viewsonic issue.
  • Dennis Wood for being my AV man. He not only got me setup correctly on the sound portion but also tried to get the viewsonic working for another instructor in the Web 2.0 series.
  • Amy de Groff for allowing and encouraging me to do this. Also for her flexibility with my schedule (being boss and all).
  • Ruth Vargas and Danny Bouman for also being flexible and allowing me to switch my morning duties so I could present these classes at night.
  • Kim Ha for willing taking on a class on wikis (her passion) by herself.
  • Katie George for an outstanding job during our social networking class. I honestly couldn’t have done a better job and she was a hard act to follow.
  • Brian Auger for being willing to share our mutual passion of music and help me with tonight’s class on music social networking.
  • Fritzi Newton, photographer extraordinaire, for sharing her passion of photography and allowing me to sneak in a few moments about YouTube and Veho during Tuesday’s class.
  • my hubby for dealing with the dogs and dinner without me there – yes, dear we are a team
  • and most importantly the public for embracing this series so far

If I left anyone out it is not intentional.  I thank you all for helping me with this endeavor and I’ve learned a lot from each one of you.


Elephants Never Forget

My Firefox was having major issues today, I figured now was a good a time as any to update it to version 3 (yeah, probably one of the only folks that didn’t help set the world record – I was on staycation and forgot). Since the old version was having such problems we just cut the old firefox files out and put them in another place for safe keeping. Then started fresh with Version 3.

I go about adding back add-ons, importing bookmarks and such when I came upon Evernote Clipper. Actually, Brian Auger (Deputy Executive Director at HCL) had mentioned to my boss and she mentioned it to me. I had forgotten about it until today.

Seems like a neat application (client or web) that lets you keep track of things (full pages or just pictures and URLs) so you can go back later.

Nice thing is you can sync with the web app and see your notes you clipped from work, home or anywhere. I’m thinking this would have come in REAL handy a few days ago when my husband and I were furiously researching and trying to decide on a new dishwasher. Now, I’ll be sure to use it for the fridge (next appliance to be researched).

What if…

What if?

A new wiki was born out of a presentation given at PLA by Rivkah Sass, Deirdre Routt, Brian Auger, Amy de Groff, Stacey Aldrich. What If Libraries… stems from the presentation Dangerous Ideas What If Libraries… and ask some rather thought provoking and (probably for some) scary questions.

My hats off to those 4 that got us thinking and questioning the status quo. I love it when people question the norm, think for themselves and don’t just “cut the end of the roast off because Grandmother always did it that way”.

Some of my favorite posts have been:

  • What if we required library staff to have technology expertise?
  • What if we dumped the MLS?
  • What if we stopped making excuses and accepted responsibility? (one of my posts)
  • What if we accepted open source software…

So What If… you shared some of your what if’s with me?