Day in the Life – Reality Bites

Day 4 of week of keeping track of what librarians or library workers do so we can see the diversity of the jobs we do.

Thursday January 29, 2009

Today I’m not at work.  I wasn’t going to blog about this but I thought we all could learn that library workers are people too.

5:00 – alarm goes off but I’m somewhat already awake – jump in shower, get dogs outside, feed dogs, feed me (Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal)

5:45 – pester hubby to wake up

6:00 – really pester hubby we have to leave no later than 6:15

6:18 – gee, guess that didn’t work right leave home to go to John Hopkin’s OutPatient Center

7:29 – arrive finally at parking garage – hubby runs to building while I park car

7:33 – start my travel through the maze that is John Hopkins until I find myself finally in the waiting room of Blalock 5 ( learn more about Alfred Blalock watch Something The Lord Made – starring Alan Rickman and Mos Def)

Now the fun begins.  Wait in the waiting room until hubby is called.  I can’t go back with him at first but they promise they’ll call me.  Not too long a wait before the nurse calls me back to the prep room my husband is in.  He is already talking to one of the doctors who will be doing the procedure.  Then Dr. Jon Resar the cardiologist gives us a run down on the cardiac catherization procedure.  A woman comes in and asks Jon if he’d be willing to be part of a study that they are doing about patients who take Plavix (which he was given prior to the procedure) and he agrees (just involves blood taken before and after the procedure).

Then come the sleepy drugs and not too long after that the nurses wheel him out to the OR.  I joke that my always boiling hot husband will like the OR room since it is very cold in there.  I go downstairs to the cafeteria to find my vice – Diet Coke.  I was there for about 10 mins and then returned to the waiting room on the 5th floor.  I pulled out my trust Nintendo DS Lite and about 10 mins later (if that) Dr. Resar came to tell me the procedure was over!  Wow.  As he walked me to the recovery area he warned me that he was going to read my hubby the riot act.  I told him good.  He needs to hear this from someone other than me.  He needs to lose weight and exercise more.  He has heart disease as well as diabetes in his family history and already has high cholestrol and high blood pressure.  Some of his arteries were 30% blocked and one was 40% blocked.  The doctor wanted it to not get any worse than that but Jon has to make some serious changes.

While Jon napped in recovery I sat there surfing our library’s catalog for every book on heart healthy diets and ways to help him live to ripe old age.  Finally around 12:00 he was able to get up use the bathroom, walk around the nurse’s station and was discharged at 12:30.

That day we started our new leaf together.  We may have eaten out for lunch but no alcohol and we went for healthier food options on the menu.  By no means will this be easy but neither of us has a choice (well we do but I don’t think we like the alternative).