Open Letter to All Computer Users

To Whom It May Concern,

As your friendly IT staff member who, for whatever reason, has been assigned to work on or move your computer, may I make a few recommendations?

  1. This is NOT your computer.  This computer is on loan from the company for which you work.  Please treat it as such.
  2. If you must eat at your desk, please put up your keyboard and mouse before eating soup, chili, pretzels, chips, anything with grease or anything with food in it.  This also pertains to drinking.
  3. If you must eat at your desk and you can’t put up your keyboard and mouse – please use napkins, paper towels, toilet paper or better yet LYSOL wipes to clean up after yourself.
  4. If you can’t remember to do clean it after each meal – make it your Friday end of day closing ritual.
  5. If you can’t make it a Friday ritual, please at least clean it before I have to fix or move your equipment.

I suggest this with love.  Trust me as someone who has to move your computer/keyboard/mouse/printer/etc. I really don’t need to know what you have for lunch just by looking at your mouse pad, wrist pad or keyboard (or in some cases all of the above and the monitor).  Would you want to move a germ ridden, crud encrusted, sticky piece of equipment?  Well neither do I.

I appreciate you reading this and hopefully taking time to order some Lysol (or whatever brand) wipes or possibly a can of compressed air (just be careful you can use it too much and freeze a keyboard or mouse). Keep them in your cubicle so they’ll be handy.

You will find your computer/keyboard/mouse/mouse pad/printer has been wiped down and now in better condition than when I found it.  Please for the sake of the equipment and those that have to work on them – keep it this way.

I thank you in advance 🙂