Use Me, Abuse Me, Make Me Test Your Web Site

Day 4 of Library Day in the Life project

Not the best day of the week – I woke up at 2am with a nose that suddenly turned into a faucet.  Not a dripping one but one that was on full force.  So not to wake hubby I took my tissue box and myself nose into the computer room.  Blow, blow, wipe, blow, wipe…..went on for about an hour.  I have no idea what caused that.  Finally took some allergy medicine but by then my nose was as red as poor ol’ Rudolph.

Did all the normal morning stuff to get ready and out the door.

Get to the library.  Checked in with Foursquare, yep still the Mayor of Central 🙂

Unlocked the office door and did my morning routine of swapping out the tapes for Horizon and Authority Works and unforwarding the phone.

Caffeine was a must today.  Went down to the vending machine in the staff lounge (on the hopes they had filled it) only to find they had not.  So over to the expensive vending machines in the lobby.

Back upstairs with 2 Diet Cokes to fortify me I booted up my Ubuntu and Windows machines.  Fired up Tweetdeck, Thunderbird and Firefox on the Ubuntu machine and Horizon on the Windows machines.

Moved a bunch of photos I had taken over to my Dropbox account.  Love me some Dropbox!

Noticed that one staff member had found the new staff Intranet and had registered for an account there.  She had recently left so I deleted her account on the new Intranet which wasn’t really up and working yet.

Decided to tackle my Inbox a bit.  Noticed I had an email that I remember entering as a helpdesk ticket.  It drove me  nuts – I couldn’t find the helpdesk ticket and I didn’t want to delete the email until I knew it was recorded somewhere.  Finally figured out that I hadn’t use the subject line I thought I had – deleted email (along with a bunch of others).  I tend to use my Inbox as my to-do list.

Sent two emails to OverDrive support regarding two helpdesk tickets that had been assigned to me.  I still find this such bad customer service – customer has problem – has to fill out form on OverDrive site – which then gets sent to someone here in MD – then they forward onto us – then staff here enter into helpdesk – I then get it assigned to me – I contact OverDrive – they write back – I write customer – usually problem is solved.  But the path it takes and the time it takes is just so wasteful.  I must admit their support team is pretty helpful but still this path is not the best way to serve our customers.

Logged into my blog and wrote post for yesterday’s fun filled day.

Our network admin came and showed me one of our old colleague’s, Mike Ricksecker, latest endeavor – Ghosts of Maryland.   He was so sweet – he named each of the IT members in his acknowledgement section.  Gotta buy me a copy and visit all the cool sites he documented.

Sadly removed my old boss’ photo from our Intranet and put it in the “Gone but Not Forgotten” section of our gallery.

Edited more of the photos I had taken with Julian in regards to the scan feature on the copiers.

Took a call from our PR dept. regarding a change on the web site.  Made the necessary change.  While on the phone we also established that I would be listed as the donor of my services so I would actually appear as a donor on the web site. I’m being auctioned off (silently at our fundraiser Evening in the Stacks) as a social web/Intranet consultant.  Hope someone takes me up on the offer and raises money for the library.

Our ILL dept. submitted a helpdesk ticket regarding an system error when trying to print the pick list in Marina.  Did a little digging and called Enoch Pratt since they are the first point of contact.

Ah the first usability test of the day – drove to our East Columbia branch.  Went very well.

Quickly grabbed some lunch.

Then downstairs to Customer Service for the second test of the day.  Again good feedback.

Came back upstairs and made a few tweaks to the new Intranet.

Then we drove over to our Miller branch for the third test of the day.  She was a ringer – got everything right off the bat and quick too!

Came back to Central.  Responded to a customer via email about their OverDrive problem.

Called Pratt again and got some more information about the problem with printing and ILL.  They will have to contact SirsiDynix.

Linked new blogger to the Contributors page on our blog, Highly Recommended.

Answered a staff member’s question about screen savers.

Started to make some changes to the MAILL (Maryland InterLibrary Loan) web site.

Played telephone tag with our HR dept. all day – tried one more time, she is now it.  (every time she called me I was on the phone – every time I called her she had stepped out of her office – maybe tomorrow?)

Home to crash – I NEED SLEEP!

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Walking the Walk

I’m still on “staycation” but I was beginning to tire of the weeds, dead limbs, and pruning of pine trees so I decided to see if my old desktop still worked.  A few weeks back during one of those sudden but strong thunderstorms we had my desktop had been on the floor near an open window.  I was sure it had gone the way of the do-do but thankfully it had not.

I spent most of last night removing my son’s games (since he now has his own “gaming pc” I can finally reclaim my desktop for me!).  Then I downloaded Firefox 3 (yeah, I know a day too late – I had ever intention of being part of the big download day but alas the great outdoors called me).  I then got to thinking now would be the perfect time to really not just talk the talk but walk the walk and install Ubuntu on my pc at home.  I think what did it was I found myself double clicking in the Navigation/location/URL bar to copy a URL (in Ubuntu you double click where as Windows you just click once).  I kept screwing things up because I was on a Windows machine – when Linux habits start to take over it is time to go whole hog.

I have to admit I gave one of our Linux guru’s (Mike Ricksecker – one of the founding fathers of LuMix) a call just to make sure what I needed to do prior to installing Ubuntu.  Having never really installed one operating system on top of another (or installing any operating system anywhere) I was a little hesitant.  What about the drivers for the video card, the printer, etc….what if they didn’t work – could I go back to Windows?  Did I even have the old XP recovery disc?

Luckily I had been sent a full suite of cd’s by the Public Software Foundation.  One of them happened to be Ubuntu (there was also Fedora but since I’m familiar with Ubuntu because of work I stuck with what I know for now).  So I popped in the cd and away I went.  It couldn’t have been easier.  I chose to do a full install instead of boot from the live cd.  Went off without a hitch and I’m posting from an Ubuntu machine using Firefox 3.

I will admit the only thing I am going to miss about my Windows machine is my iTunes.  I know there are many other software programs out there that can give me access to my music – just need to find something that will convert the fancy iTunes file extension to something I can play on Linux.  Other than that the transition was smooth sailing.