Beware! Labels Stick

Lunch time means a chance for me to catch up on Facebook friends and play a mindless game of Bejeweled 2 or Globs (which is especially relaxing these days since my focus in on Polaris and coordinating the training involved).  Today I happened upon a post by the Central Library Manager, Nina Krzysko that included a link to a YouTube video.  What an enlightening video.  It really struck a chord in me and I just had to share it.

But before you watch this – what would be your first reaction if you saw a man in his early forties, biking around your neighborhood or area where you work every day.  He sometimes wears funny hats or saying on his shirt and he sometimes stops, gets off his bike and waves to the cars that go by.  Bum!  Lunatic.  Or just a harmless guy with nothing but time on his hands?  I’ve heard all of these and more to describe the man in the video.  Now watch the video and tell me what label you would use.  But be careful because those labels stick and are hard to remove.

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Addedum to Social Networks and Libraries Save the Day

I’m really sorry that I didn’t move away from my desk and go downstairs to our library’s meeting room to watch Barrack Obama be sworn in as our 44th President.   I enjoyed watching with my IT co-workers (although each of us at our desks watching it being streamed live via different sites) and with my Facebook friends via’s partnership with them.  I felt very much a part of the moment.  I didn’t think I had missed out until I saw this picture  of another co-worker and friend, Joan Langley, who was in our meeting room watching the inauguration.  This picture just captures the excitement, the hope, the possibilities, the change and the future of our country.  According to Nina Krzysko, library manager at Central, the meeting room was full at the time of the swearing in (my picture from a bit earlier didn’t give a complete picture of all who participated).


Photo from the Columbia Flier.

Manage This

Howard County Library announced today that their new Central Branch Manager is Nina Krzysko formerly the branch manager at their East Columbia location. First of all congratulations to Nina. Job well deserved.

So why is this big news? Is it because she turned the East Columbia branch around and made it something to be proud of? Is it because she has innovative and creative ideas when it comes to displays, handling communication with staff and dealing with customer service? No, none of that really makes this a hot topic (although they are commendable). What does is the fact that Nina does not have a MLS. *GASP*

I applaud the library and it’s decision to hire a MANAGER not the “top” librarian for this position. Again I’m not trying devalue anyones degree here but just point out that a managerial position is best served by a manager (regardless of the degrees they have) . Nina has plenty of managerial experience from years of retail (Woodward and Lothrop, Bloomingdales), years as manager of our support services and as manager of the East Columbia branch.

Nina sees her role as a manager “to support my staff – they are the experts“. Funny isn’t that exactly what a manager is suppose to do?

Again congratulations to Nina and I look forward to working with you here at Central.