Twitter About Friendfeed So Facebook Can Flickr YouTube aka CIL2009 presentation

Now that I’ve had a chance to decompress, find my notes and get some email dealt with I thought I’d post about my presentation at CIL2009.  I had the sincere pleasure of working with not only two talented professionals but two people I now consider good friends – Michael Sauers and Bobbi Newman.   Our presentation dealt with training both staff and customers in regards to the wild, wonderful world of Web 2.0.  More portion of the trilogy dealt with training the customer.

Here are a few links I promised I’d share with people – hope these help you to educate your customers about Web 2.0.


My portion of the presentation

Entire presentation (including Michael and Bobbi’s slides)

My presentation for the public (customers) on Web 2.0 overview


Overview of Web 2.0 class

Photo/video sharing class

Music sharing class

Social Networking class


Patience is a Virtue, Virtue is a Grace, Grace is a Little Girl ….

… who can’t watch long YouTube videos.  Has MTV ruined me?  Has it shortened the attention span of the average computer user?  Or is it just old age in my case?

I’m finding that I can’t put up videos on YouTube that are longer than 3 minutes or so.  Wanted to watch a colleague’s YouTube video for a program they did at their library but after first 3 minutes I found my attention wondering.  It wasn’t that the video was extremely boring or anything (although some editing would have been in order) but it was more like …cut to the chase.

So is this impatience setting in with old age?  Is this being raised on the fast paced editing of MTV videos?  Or is this because most YouTube videos used to be short and sweet now longer ones are available and my mind hasn’t adjusted?

Please tell me I’m not the only one.