Mlibrarianus is a screen name I’ve used for some time. Gave birth to it during the height of the Gladiator craze and was a nod to my place of employment. But I’m really Beth Tribe, Coordinator of Software Support and Training for Howard County Library. I may not be a librarian by some people’s definition but I have worked in many departments of the library for 25 years (from Circulation, to InterLibrary Loan, to Automation, to Information Technology). So what exactly have a I done?

To list a few:

  • supervised pages (‘old school’ name for the kids who shelved the materials…heck I was one myself back in the day – Word!)
  • learned and managed 4 different systems to request materials from other libraries
  • wrote procedures for Circulation and Interlibrary Loan
  • helped to keep our ILS database running and up to date
  • taught many a class (from Windows to Groovix [our version of Linux], from Thunderbird to Webmail [for email], RSS feeds to my first class for our public on Web 2.0 this fall)
  • reorganized our Staff Intranet using Joomla
  • helped with creating/editing pages for our new web site
  • presented at Computers in Libraries, Association of Community Services, Joint Spring Conference and later this year at Maryland Library Association all on Web 2.0

I consider myself a “Jacqueline of all trades, Mistress of some”. I enjoy the variety that my job affords me. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to be the webmistress for MAILL (site will be moving to Joomla – look for a new look and better navigation), be one of the Merlin Community Builders, or have met some rather fascinating library folk (just check out my Twitter following/followers) from around the country.

Technically I’m not a true techie either. No formal training in the tech world just picked up this or that along the way (but then a lot of tech folks are self taught). Hopefully, my take on things will be a little more plain English (vs. techno speak), a little different (not truly tech but not forgetting my customer service background either) and a little bit interesting.

Contact info:

Email – mlibrarianus AT gmail DOT com


3 Responses to About

  1. The (almost) Bald Trainer says:

    Welcome…Welcome, Welcome.

    I still think you should call yourself the Open Source Goddess. Or claim that name at wordpress and redirect here…IMHO

  2. Wendy says:

    Beth – I have just seen this for the first time – and I have to say that you are a tribute to those of us who are self-taught in many areas and have become somewhat successful in what we do… Congratulations on all the you have accomplished. Can I say “I knew her when she was a child”?

    • mlibrarianus says:


      Thanks for the kind words. You can say that only if you make sure they understand that I started at the library when I was 2 😉

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